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Group Companies

Sharaf Group was established in 1975 as a shipping agency with a vision of becoming leading international organization with the largest conglomerate group of companies in UAE, having diverse business interests and operate 100+ companies in 60+ countries covering Middle East, Africa and Asia. The business grew steadily over time and developed strong business relationships based on a foundation of trust. Driven by the enterprising nature of the leadership, the Group continued to diversify into different business sectors and developed a global footprint to provide maximum value to itsstakeholders. The Group have always engaged in business responsibly and with respect for employees, society and the environment.

Steinweg was founded in 1847. Approved by the LME MMTS, LIFE an dNYBOT exhanges, aiwth a presence in over 70 locations worldwide, Steinweg offers an array of logistics and value-added services including in a variety of sectors (i.e.chartering, shipping forwarding, transport, releaing, port-mangement, stevedoring, processing, collateral management and warehousing of a variety of type of cargo.

To facilitate trade through innovative supply chain solutions.